Sunday, February 28, 2021

Coolant system Services. Very important service especially if your running the original Vanagon engine. It is commonly known that the original Vanagon engine had "cylinder head gasket" problems. Through the years we have come to realize that the real problem stemmed from lack of maintenance on the cooling system and the use of phosphate anti-freeze. The "Head Gasket" that caused leaks was technically called the Water Jacket Seal and not the head gasket itself. The Vanagon engine "head-gasket" is made up of two parts. The compression sealing rings and the water jacket coolant seal. Other common engine out there incorporate these into one gasket commonly called the Cylinder Head Gasket. The compression metal rings rarely fail. In fact we have seen engine come into SAH running perfectly and have a massive coolant leak from the Water Jacket Seal. 

We Highly recommend to do a coolant exchange every 2 years regardless of miles driven. By doing this procedure every two years you greatly reduce the risk of corrosion to your cylinder heads.