Sunday, February 28, 2021
Vanagon Services General Maintenance Brakes
Inspection of your braking system from time to time is extremely important. Your brakes may feel good to you but you are also getting acclimated to the way they feel and are wearing out. During a wheels off brake inspection we will inspect your brake pad linings, measure your brake rotors or drums for thickness, inspect closely your hydraulic brake hoses and brake calipers.

Rear drum brakes are a thing of the past. Some cheap economy cars today may have them on the rear. A lot of vehicle in the past had rear drum brakes and Vanagon's were no different.  It was an inexpensive system and they worked good enough at the time.  Drum brakes require regular inspection and maintenance throughout normal use.

There are a few common problems with drum brake systems. The typical hydraulic wheel cylinder leaks causing a loss of brake fluid and causes air to get into your hydraulic system which leads to a soft pedal.

Warped brake drums is a common problem on Vanagon's.  This is usually caused by drums that are too thin and or pulling up your emergency brake too hard after your brakes are hot and left sitting. Drum brake backing plates becoming worn out from normal use due to the brake shoes rubbing into them. A worn out backing plate can cause grabbing or sticking brakes that could lead to a brake pull.

We have experience and knowledge about vanagon brakes! H2oVanagon can completely overhaul your braking system with a brake fluid flush and brake pad \ rotor service.  Tired of these old weak brakes, we can perform Big brake up-grades.  Call or email us for more details.