Sunday, February 28, 2021
H2oVanagon Conversions Engine Conversions
Not to long ago there were few options for VW Vanagon engine conversions.  Today there are a mix of engine conversions out in the market for VW Vanagon's.  In South Africa, VW Racing South Africa & Bosch helped develop an engine conversion using an inline 4-cylinder gas engine.  It was installed much like the Diesel engine which was a factory option on 1981-1983 to Vanagon models.

Some conversion's out there can only offer slightly better performance over the original engine being replaced. Others are modified to create the power that our Vanagons really needs to push it.  Several independent companies have developed and sell their own version of an engine conversion for Vanagon owners. This has been going on for many years, and most require major alterations which allow them to fit into the Vanagon.  Various engines have been used from many different cars; here are just a few:
  • Subaru 4 or 6 cylinder
  • VW inline 4 or V6 cylinder engines gas \ diesel
  • Ford engines
  • Nissan V-6
  • Chevrolet
Most of these engine conversions are NOT California smog compliant and can not be registered in California.  Many states are following in California's lead by enacting or proposing enhanced emissions laws. These actions are sure to increase demand for better fuel economy and more power in these now old Vanagon's.  The demand for Vanagon's is growing daily.  Engine replacement alternatives have become even more popular and important than ever.